BA History

BA History

Bachelor of History programme is designed to cultivate an appreciation and understanding among students for the various historical processes that have gone into the making of societies, cultures and civilizations. The programme will take students beyond the mundane textbook oriented history which reduces history to certain disembodied facts, and introduce them to the exciting ways in which a historian practices his/her craft using highly developed tools and skills, and produces history.

Program structure

The duration of U.G. programme shall be 6 semesters. There shall be two Semesters in an academic year, the ‘ODD’ semester commences in June and on completion, the ‘EVEN’ Semester commences after a semester-break of three days with two months’ vacation during April and May. The B.A Programme in Model 1 shall consist of 30 courses. The undergraduate programme consists of 15 Core Courses, 10 Common Courses, 4 Complementary Courses, 1 Open Course. A project work is obligatory and it can be completed individually or as a group of maximum five students. We offer:

  • Complementary Courses: Economics, Political Science
  • Open Course: Introducing Environmental History
  • Choice Based Course: Archaeology in India

Graduate Attributes

A graduate with a Bachelor of History degree will demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Will gain subject knowledge and research aptitude.
  • Will get expertise in handling non-conventional sources and new methods of historical studies.
  • Develop a historical perspective towards social issues.
  • Develop ability to assess and effectively engage historical discourses.

Career opportunities

School Teachers, Civil service officers, Heritage managers, Diplomats, Political experts, Journalists, Archivists, Record keepers, Museum Curators, Tour guides.

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