Alternative Energy Sources


Given that the use of fossil fuels is changing the climate and that the current rate of energy consumption by individuals, the campuses, and global community is unsustainable, HBC will meet its energy needs by using local and renewable energy sources. Efforts for this will be taken from the academic year 2021-22 onwards. This will enable the college to become a fossil fuel free campus by 2025. This goal will be achieved both by reducing our overall energy consumption and by using fossil fuel free sources of energy.

More easily accomplished will be increasing the amount of solar electricity generated on campus. Living in a sustainable manner and integrating environmental education into the learning process helps our students understand how their decisions and actions affect the environment and enables them to make informed decisions as managers of the future. Even our buildings are constructed from eco-friendly and locally-sourced material. To add to that, HBC went solar in 2014 in a limited way installing solar light poles in campus and most of our energy needs during night are being fulfilled by these solar panels. 

Targets and Actions

1. Reduce Fossil Fuel Use.

In 2025, the College will conduct a full evaluation of its progress towards the goals set out in this Framework and develop a plan based on most current technologies, policies, and financial considerations to address any remaining fossil usage from on-campus energy consumption.

2. Reduce Total Energy Consumption.

Through a combination of energy efficiency and efforts to decrease individual energy consumption, total energy consumed on campus will be reduced.

  • By 2020, reduce total on-campus energy consumption by 20 percent.
  • By 2025, reduce total on-campus energy consumption by 50 percent.

3. Generate Electricity.

  • By 2025, HBC will generate on campus at least 15 percent of all the electricity used on campus through Solar Panels.
  • For all electricity not generated on campus, HBC will purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) ensuring that its electricity comes from sources that do not actively emit carbon dioxide.



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