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Workshop on Oral History Archiving and Methodology
On 3rd February 2018, the department organised a Workshop on Oral History Archiving and Methodology. The purpose of the seminar was to equip the students of the department to record and preserve the oral memories of the people in and around Melukavu and also memories they could acquaint personally. With this department of History started Henry Baker College Oral History Archives (HBCOHA). Dr Sebastian Joseph, HOD, Dept. of History, U.C. College, Aluva and Smt. Manjusha K.A, Asst. Prof. School of Gandhian Thought & Development Studies, M. G. University, were the resource persons of the work
Exploration 19
Oral history club of the Post Graduate Department Dept. of History organized ‘Exploration19’on14th March at 1.20pm in the Seminar Hall. Dr. Nisha Joseph, Assistant Professor welcomed the gathering. The meeting was presided over Dr. Beena Paul, HOD of the Post Graduate Department of History. Dr. Gireeshkumar G. S Principal, Henry Baker College, delivered the keynote address. The meeting was to introduce the Oral history explorers and a video presentation of the exploration of oral memories was made during the occasion. During the occasion documented interviews were also released. Ms
Documented Interview on Pandemics
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Title of the Programme: THEORY AND PRACTICE OF ORAL HISTORY (TPOH) Name of the Faculty in Charge: Dr.Beena Paul Instructional Hours: 30 SYLLABUS OBJECTIVES: - To make aware of the significance of Oral History To learn basics of Oral history Expertise in the collection and documentation of Oral history To create a passion in the everyday life of common people To develop interpersonal interactive skills. To learn interview methods. COURSE OUTCOME: -  Collection and preservation of vast mass of unwritten sources of history. Gives life to untold and unrecorded histories. Su

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