Cooperative Society

The Melukavu HBC Cooperative Society Ltd. No K916 was registered on 24-05-1995 under Act XXI of 1969 and started functioning on 29-05-1995. Main objectives of the society are to encourage thrift and self-help among members and to purchase books, stationery and other educational accessories required by members and associates. .

Prof. Renjith Sebastian who took charge of the society on 10-04-2007 was the first official secretary. Since 7th August 2007 onwards Prof. Jacob Thomas was the secretary. He was followed by Prof. Samkutty George since 10-06-2009. Since 12-07-2010 onwards Prof. Jacob Thomas again took charge as secretary. Prof. Jenipher Carlos Hosanna took charge as secretary of the society since 1st April 2012. The principal of this college ex officio would be the president of the society. At present, (from 2017-2018 onwards) president of the society is Dr. Gireesh Kumar G S and the Secretary is Prof. Jenipher Carlos Hosanna. The motto of the society is “Each for all and all for each”.

There are 62 A Class members and 2791 B Class members in the society at present. The Authorized Share Capital of the Society is Rs. 1,00,000/- and the Issued, Subscribed and Paid up Share Capital of the Society is Rs. 66,820. Members of the society are students and staff of this college. The society is functioning in a separate room inside the campus. The society has been keeping all the books, accounts, registers and records as per the circular issued by the Registrar from time to time.

This cooperative is a member-owned and controlled business that operates for the mutual benefit of its members. The members of this society include both students and teachers. In addition to the teachers the PG students of our college also run the society as and when they get leisure time. Thus it acts as a Centre for Students’ Business (CSB) where students get enough experience everything from purchasing, pricing, marketing, catering, books, payroll, cash out, community outreach and in-store responsibilities all require diligence and reliability. This CSB itself is an asset to the college as it gives students the opportunity to run a business and make all operating decisions collectively.

The society caters to the needs of college community in connection with academics. It acts as a utilitarian service at the campus, from where students can purchase text books and other stationery items for their day-to-day requirements and academic activities. The student friendly store meets customized needs of the various courses. The Cooperative Store stocks all curriculum requirements for students and classroom stationery for staff.


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