Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


The objectives of this course is to provide a soundunderstanding of the functions, systems, policies and applications of Human Resource Management in organizationsand also develop an overview of theoretical foundations of key areas associated with HR development in the organizations.

Module I : (12 Hrs )

Human resources management

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Importance
  • Limitations of Human resources management

Strategic HRM

  • Meaning and definition
  • Competencies of HR professionals

Personnel management

  • Meanining and definition
  • Role of personnel managers.

Module II : (12 Hrs )

Human resource planning

  • Meaning
  • Need for human resources planning
  • Benefits of human resources planning
  • Job analysis
  • Objectives of job analysis
  • Techniques of job analysis
  • Job design.

Module III : (8 Hrs )


  • Definition
  • Process of recruitment
  • Elements of a good recruitment policy
  • Sources of recruitment
  • Selection
  • Meaning and definitions
  • Placement and induction
  • Human resources development.

Suggested Readings

  • Gary Dessler, Human Resources Management,2016
  • Brian Becker, Mark Huselid, Dave Ulrich, The HR Scorecard
  • Rothwell&kazanas, Strategic Human Resource Planning and Management
  • Rao T, V, Pereira D,F, Recent Experiences in Human Resources Development
  • Mabey, Salaman and Storey, Strategic Human Resource Management

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