Stress Management

Stress Management

Certificate courses are designed to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study, or to provide additional professional training and qualifications. The courses provide students an added dimension to their undergraduate and postgraduate degree by exposing them to professional settings. The purpose of the certificate course is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge in specific areas. Upon completion, students will get benefit out of a certificate course that will accompany their degree and illustrate their added knowledge, skills, and experience to potential employers and institutions.

Programme Structure

Certificate programme in History is designed with 30 instructional hours. It includes Lecture hours and practical hours. On completion certificates are issued by college or outside agencies in collaboration with college.

Programme Attributes

  • Will gain additional skill in a particular area.
  • Will equip the student with an additional qualification.
  • Will enhance demand in the job market.


  • To identify sources of stress.
  • To encourage students to view stressful situations from a more positive perspective.
  • Help them to adjust their standards.
  • Specialized activities for coping with stress
  • Overall personality development


Overall personality development., mental, physical and social health should be improved.

Module I: (6 Hours)

What is Stress

  • Causes physical & mental
  • After effects of stress
  • Need for stress management.

Module II: (10 Hours)

Different Methods for Stress Management

  • Basic concepts, yoga, meditation, positive thinking (Theory and practical)

Module III: (7 Hours)

From Preparation to Exam Hall

  • Techniques to overcome exam fear-causes of fear
  • Techniques for effective memorization, association, mnemonics, acronym, acrostic, chunking etc.-



  • Daily yoga-,time management-self motivation-concentrationobservation-forgetting-positive thinking (7 Hours)


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