Tree Plantation

Henry Baker College is indebted to impart environmental values in our students for various reasons. Primarily, it is the duty of every higher education institution, as envisaged by the National Education Policy, to educate our future citizens in a way that enriches them with concern for the nature. Secondly, as we are located in the lap of the Western Ghats where nature is mesmerizinglybeautiful and at the same time dangerously fragile, it is our responsibility tostrive for a cooler, safer and richer environment. Therefore, the college conducts different tree planting drives.

Our most important tree plantation drive is HBC CLOUD. The objective of the programme is to safeguard more bare land under the green cloud of trees.. The programme was inaugurated in 2019 and our volunteers have already planted saplings at various locations. Monitoring of the planted saplings is done by our volunteers on a regular basis. Major locations where we planted saplings are CSIChrist Cathedral Melukavu, CSI ITI Muttom, HB Women’s Hostel Melukavu etc.

The Nature Club of the College cultivated a Nakshatravanam in the campus as part of the Green Campus Drive of the institution. It is a garden comprising of 27 different varieties of saplings associated with the 27 constellations, or nakshatras in a chakra as mentioned in the Vedic chart. According to Indian astrology, every Nakshatra has a symbolic tree or plant that defines its connection with eternal nature.

The NSS unit of the college took part in the mass tree plantation campaign named “Pathumaram Padhathi” organised by Melukavu Grama Panchayath in 2015. We planted ten trees each at 300 houses of the Ward 10 of Melukavu Grama Panchayath. The NSS unit also participated in the “Pachathuruth” programme organised by Haritha Kerala Mission, Government of Kerala.Besides, every year on World Environment Day, the NSS Unit and the Nature Club of the college plant saplings on the campus and nearby areas.



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