Plastic Crusing Machine

Henry Baker College in collaboration with the Melukavu Grama Panchayath has set up a plastic shredding unit to deal with plastic waste. The Melukavu Grama Panchayath in association with ‘Clean Kerala Company’ and ‘Suchitwa Mission’ collects plastic waste from our campus so as to make our campus litter free. The college has taken the “Break Free from Plastic Pledge” on 12 June, 2019.  HBC is the first college in Kottayam district to commit to the Break Free from Plastic Pledge. The college has a plastic crushing machine. 

HBC commits to keep an eye towards plastic-free alternatives in future procurement decisions and policies regarding:

  • Pre-packaged plastic-wrapped retail items [chip bags (for instance Lays, Bingo etc.), granola bar wrappers, candy bar wrappers, water/soda bottles, toiletries, etc.)
  • Plastic trash and recycling bags
  • Plastic wraps used during food preparation (this does not refer to individually wrapped food items, as noted above)
  • Plastic and polystyrene packaging
  • Single-use plastics used in academic settings (e.g. lab equipment)

The plastic waste from the nearby locality and the campus is collected and is disposed through this machine. For this, the college has adopted a ward in association with Melukavu Grama Panchayat.

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