Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development


  • To develop entrepreneurial spirit among students
  • To empower students with sufficient knowledge to start up their venture with confidence
  • To mould young minds to take up challenges and become employer than seeking employment and to  make them aware of the opportunities and support for entrepreneurship

Course Outcome

After successfully completing  this certificate programme the learner should be motivate to entrepreneurial career and to make young minds to take up challenges and become employer than seeking employment. They are capable of perceiving and exploiting successfully opportunities for start their own enterprise.

Module I : (5 Hours)

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Importance
  • Type of Entrepreneurs
  • Positioning as a entrepreneur
  • Generating ideas
  • Building and presenting an effective Business plan.

Module II : (5 Hours)

  • Women entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities, problems and remedial measures
  • Highlights of the successful women entrepreneurs.

Module III : (5 Hours)

  • Setting up of a SSI units
  • Importance
  • How to set up SSI unit
  • Types of sourcesOutcomes.                                                                                                                              

Module IV : (5 Hours)

  • Start ups and incubation centers
  • Foundation for startups
  • Importance and scope
  • Types of startups
  • Start up mission
  • Types of sources-VCs
  • Angel funding etc
  • Marketing strategies for new ventures through startups.

Module V : (5 Hours)

  • Industrial collaboration
  • Evaluation of recent challenges faced in entrepreneurship
  • Mentoring session with a member of investor and entrepreneur community (for students with business plan)
  • Practical session for developing an effective business model
  • Startup mission visit-industrial visit.

Suggested Readings

  • Anjan, R. Managing New Ventures, Concepts and Cases in Entrepreeurship, New  Delhi, PHI Learning Private limited.
  • Bhide A, The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses, New York, Oxford University Press.
  • Khanka S S- Entrepreneurial Development- S Chand and Sons
  • Desai,Vasant- Small Scale Business and Entrepreneurship- Himalaya Publications
  • AP Padnekar, Entrepreneurship, Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai.
  • Rao, V S P- Business, Entrepreneurship and Management- Vikas Publishing House
  • Pandya, Rameswary- . Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in India, New Century Publications 

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