R Software

R Software

Course Objectives

  • Get familiar with r programming language
  • Understand statistical analysis using R programming
  • Explore how to analyse research data using statistical methods and R programming
  • Explore how to represent data using basic graphs in R.

Course Outcome 

This course aims to provide basic training in understanding the concepts in data science and statistical analysis using R programming. The R programming language is one of the most widely used programming languages among the data scientists, researchers and clinicians. Being an open-source software, it is freely available and allows integration with other applications. The course will be a hands-on program where participants will play with the dataset provided to them through exercises and analyses it using R software. 

 Module 1  : (7 hours)

  • Overview of Data Sciences
  • Introduction to R programming

Module 2  :  (3 hours)

  • Arithmetical Operations in r software

Module 3  : (5 hours)

  • Data Management  in r
  • Data entry
  • Data Cleaning

Module 4  : (10 hours)

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Data visualization
  • Chart-Diagram

Module 5  : (5 hours)

  • Inferential Statistics
  • Chi-Square test
  • T-test  


  • Dalgaard, P. (n.d.). Introductory Statistics with R (Vol. Second ). Springler. 

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