Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing

SAP usually stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. It usually combines instruction in human resource software management, database management, and business training. It is a certification course for a degree or even as a stand-alone course offered by Gtec computer education.SAP is famous for its Enterprise Resource Planning and Data Management Programs.SAP Course Duration will vary based on the areas of specialization. Most of the courses will finish somewhere in between 30 -60 days while a few may extend up to 90 days. Sales Marketing & Communications, Human Resources,, Development &Technology, Executive&Management, Consulting Services & Customer Support, Corporate Operations, Finance etc are the various job opportunities provided by SAP. Linux Programmer, Embedded Systems Engineer, OBIEE Consultant, Cloud Architects, Data Scientists, Oracle Developer, SQL Programmer, Business Analyst, Mobile Engineers, Server Administrator, Cyber Security Professionals these are the various career options after certification.

 SAP is a German-based and largest ERP Company in the world, G-TEC is its Authorised Partner in South India for conducting SAP Knowledge Accelerator and Power User Programmes. G-TEC has associated with SAP .The students would learn the modules in their official LMS's controlled environment and obtain a genuine SAP Education Qualification with their course completion. SAP KNOWLEDGE ACCELERATION PROGRAMS help students to learn how to use SAP software faster with SAP Knowledge Acceleration and Power User with in-depth knowledge in the said domain. This software provides a shortcut to creating training content by providing job-specific training scenarios, activities, and support materials - all of which can be used out-of-the-box or easily customized - accelerating the ability to use SAP to its fullest potential.

Sri. Justin Jose

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