Automated Weather Monitoring System

A Weather Monitoring Station is a facility with sophisticated instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information needed for weather forecasts and facilitate study of climate and weather. At Henry Baker College, a weather monitoring station has been installed to give data to government/governmental agencies, educational institutions on rainfall, humidity and temperature. This project is done with the technical support of the Department of Instrumentation, MES College, Marampally and is perceived as a social project providing valuable services to society for study, research and forecast of atmosphere and atmospheric conditions. This is particularly useful for disaster management. College is situated in a rural and hilly area and due to heavy rainfall, there are problems of landslides etc in the area. The daily up-to-date supply of data on rainfall, temperature etc will be useful for administrative authorities and society at large for taking crucial decisions. 

Data on Rainfall in mm, temperature and humidity are provided to police, health department, LSGIs, disaster management department, district collectorate, hospitals, educational institutions etc. This is perceived as a social project to address societal problems and facilitate study, research, policy making and forecast.

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