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For the noble mission of making our nature green and serene, and to save our future generation, Henry Baker College launched a Tree Plantation Drive - HBC Cloud on 16th October 2019. The aim of HBC CLOUD is to generate eco-friendly living habit among the new generation. As part of the programme, a One Day International Conference titled “Celebration on Education and Cultural Diversity” was conducted in association with University Centre for International Co-operation (UCIC), M G University, Kottayam. It was a platform for the students from the different parts of the globe to interact each other for sharing their cultural insights and educational advances. After the inaugural function, a documentary on verdant green landscapes of Kerala was screened  by the students of the  Department of Commerce and Computer Application.  It was followed by the presentations of the International students from UCIC on the education, culture and customs of their native lands.

Sl No. International  students from UCIC Country Topic
1 Needup Dorji Bhutan

Education and Cultural Diversity in Bhutan


2 Opoku Pierre Ivory Coast

My Experience in Cote D’Ivoire


3 Hadson Sitembo Zambia

Culture and Customs of Zambia


4 Stanley Murugu Kenya Culture and Education in the Republic of Kenya
5 Dortguly Meredov Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan: Society and Culture


6 Akah Lawrence Nigeria Power, culture and Modernity in Nigeria: Beyond the Colony
7 Maliha Hiswan Afghanistan

Education in Afghanistan: Developments, Influences and Legacie


After the presentations,  the delegates from 7 countries planted trees in the campus.

The second HBC CLOUD event was organized in CMS Higher Secondary School, Melukavu, on  25 February 2020. The College Principal Dr. G.S Gireesh Kumar handed over saplings to the Principal of CMS Higher Secondary School, Smt. Shimi Sissi Paul.


Mr. George Thomas P.V

Assistant Professor on Contract


HBC CLOUD 2020-21


HBC CLOUD 2019-20


HBC Cloud Activities
HBC Cloud- Second Phase Started at Bishop’s House (C.S.I East Kerala Diocese, Melukavumattom)
HBC CLOUD- A Tree Plantation Drive, the second phase was held in the premise of Bishop House, CSI East Kerala Diocese 13th Dec 2019 at 8:45am.  The student’s representatives and Staff coordinators actively participated in the programme.We had planted various types of plants some of them being Divi Divi, Ficus religiosa (Pipal) and Azadirachta indica (Neem). Principal Dr. Gireesh Kumar G.S had also explained about the trees and the importance of tree plantation. The Bishop Rt.Rev.V.S Francis (C.S.I East Kerala Diocese, Melukavumattom) told us different thing about the plant, their us
A Tree Plantation Drive at HBC Girls Hostel, Melukavumattom
In order to sensitize students towards the need to preserve our environment and ecology, HBC Cloud- A tree plantation drives are organised on 14th January 2020, during which sapling of Bullet-Wood treewere planted around the area of HBC Girls Hostel. On the occasion planted sapling by Dr. Gireesh Kumar G.S, Principal of HenryBaker College Melukavu and Miss. Soosamma George (HostelWarden, HBC Girls Hostel, Melukavu). At the winding up of the programme, Prof. Jennifer CarloseHossanna, Prof. Sojan Thomas, Prof. Jithin Thomas, Prof. Dennis Cherian and Prof. George Thomas P.V delivered some key poi
A Tree Plantation Drive atC.S.I Christ Cathedral Melukavu
In order to restore the eco-balance of the nature HBC Cloud- A Tree Plantation Drive was taken with all seriousness. Anyway, participants were highly enthusiastic to make it a big success. On February 12th 2020 Rev. Johny Joseph (Vicar, Christ Cathedral, Melukavu) and Dr. Gireesh Kmar G.S Principal (Henry Baker College, Melukavu) planted sapling of Red Sandal Wood Infront of Christ Cathedral Church, Melukavu.Every step of the programme was appreciated by the representatives of the administration and the local Self-government.
Tree Plantation Drive at the Industrial Training Institute Campus, Muttom
The ITI, Muttom has had a long-standing tradition of preservation of culture, heritage and flora and fauna of the Campus. In order to sensitize students towards the need to preserve our environment and ecology, ecological protection day are organised in the ITI from time to time. One such drive was held on 2nd March 2020, during which trees were planted around the area of ITI, Muttom.The saplings of Azadirachta indica (Neem), Noni and Miracle Fruit handover by Dr. Gireesh Kumar G.S, Principal, Henry Baker College, Melukavu to Mr. Enose Sam John, Principal, Industrial Training Institute, Muttom
Tree Plantation on C.M.S H. S Melukavu
On 10th March 2020, Tuesday the Henry Baker College, Melukavu organized a sapling planting event under the banner of HBC Cloud. The Representatives of both the institution were reported the school garden at 09:00 am morning and Dr. Gireesh Kumar G.S, Principal, Henry Baker College, Melukavugiven saplings to Smt. Mariyamma Thomas, Headmistress, C.M.S H. S Melukavu.The HBC CLOUD had an epic strategy of the generation i.e. the best 3 plants means the plants which will be giving better fruits and flowers will be given to the other institutions, so the students coordinators do all their work with t
3rd Phase- Massive Tree Saplings Distribution Programme
Henry Baker College, Melukavu conceived a Massive Tree Planting Programme named HBC CLOUD with the aim to increase green cover, mitigate the adverse effects of various environmental pollutants etc.In a conversation with The Plants, HBC Cloud shares incredible journey driven by an overwhelming love for plants. This programme is designed by Henry Baker College for the survival of the fittest against everyday air pollution. The third phase is that the college authorities come to the houses and present saplings to them. On 16th March 2020 as part of the HBC Cloud project launched by Henry Baker Co
4th Phase- (April-22, World Earth Day Celebration)- The students planted saplings in their homes
As a part of World Earth Day on April 22, Students plant a tree in their own home. This year’s HBC Cloud challenge was for students to plant saplings in their home. A good number of students, teachers and non-teaching staff participated in this program. In this world earth day celebration, which attracted attention in the news, people in other institutions also planted plants in their homes. The big message was to put shade trees in at leastThe big message was to put shade trees in at least one of their homes.

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