Research Methodology

Research Methodology


  • To enable a learner to understand properly the concepts of research methodology
  • Equip them to prepare a research design and carry out research in systematic and scientific manner.

Course Outcome:

After completing this Certificate Programme, the learner should be able to understand about the basic concepts of social science research, formulate a research design, draw a sampling design, instrument development and its different forms of scaling and understand the technique of research reporting.

Module I: (5 Hours)

  • Research-Types of Research
  • Methods of Research-Research Process.

Module II: (5 Hours)

  • Research problem
  • Formulation
  • Research Design
  • Types of Research Design-Research proposal and its properties.

Module III: (5 Hours)

  • Sampling design
  • Census and sample survey
  • Sample frame
  • Sample size
  • Methods of Sampling.

Module IV: (10 Hours)

  • Collection and analysis of data
  • Types of Data
  • Methods of Data collection
  • Preparation of Questionnaire or Interview schedule
  • Measurement and scaling techniques
  • Nominal data
  • Individual data
  • Ordinal data
  • Ratio data
  • Analysis of data
  • Types of analysis.

Module V: (5 Hours)

  • Research reporting
  • Characteristics of a good research report
  • Content of a report
  • Citing references using APA style
  • Plagiarism.

Suggested Readings

  • Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques, C R Kothari, New Age International Publications
  • Statistical Methods for Research, Prof. K. Kalyanaraman, Prentice Hall Pvt. Ltd
  • Research Methodology in Social Sciences, O R Krishnaswamy, Himalaya Publishing House
  • Business Research Methodology, Sashi K Gupta & Praneet Rangi, Kalyani Publishers
  • Research methodology, R. Paneerselvam, Prentice Hall of India 

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