"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language , that goes to his heart " Nelson Mandela

The Department of Malayalam came into being with the inception of the college in 1981. We are very proud to have Prof. Arby Varghese, the first Head of the Department and the first Principal of the College (1981-1985). He put up his illustrious service in the development of the department and the college. Eminent Teachers contributed substantially to the academic quality enhancement of the department in various periods. Currently, the Department offers Part II, Additional Language courses for the students of First and Second Degree Programmes as per the prescribed syllabus of Mahatma Gandhi University. Dr Sukumar Azhikodu, an academician, orator, critic and writer of Malayalam literature, visited the department in 1997.

The chief objectives of the Department are to formulate and implement various programmes that evoke a sense of pride on mother tongue, to encourage studies among those who are fond of Malayalam and to impart education at the undergraduate level as per the prescribed syllabus of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam on different areas of Malayalam literature, Malayalam language and linguistics, comparative literature, Malayalam criticism, antique, ancient record, the evolution of South Indian language scripts, history of scripts, tribal language study, regional language study, the studies in various genres- Poem, Short Story, Novel. Department of Malayalam is actively engaged in studies, activities and projects that would empower the Malayalam language capable of handling any area of knowledge at all levels.

The students who use Malayalam not only for communication, it is the mother tongue of Kerala. So they loved and taste the language through literature and arts. U.G degree students choose Malayalam as the second language of their part of curriculum. Department of Malayalam is an additional language to supporting all the pre-degree and U.G. courses of the college since 1981. Prof.Arby Varghese, Prof. Mathew Panikkar, Dr.M.Elias and Dr.Raju.D. were the former teachers of the Malayalam Department.

Dr.Thomas Abraham and Dr.B.Ikbal visited the college for the "Vayanavasantham " - (June 1 to Nov 1) programme. It enriched the reading aptitude of students. Renowned Kadhakali artists Sri. Maargi Madhu, Sri.Ettumanoor Kannan, Sri. Meenadam Unnikrishnan, Chakyar Kooth artists Kalamandalam Raja Sekharan, Kalamandalam Mani Vasudeva Chakyar visited and performed their artistic skills in the college. The famous poets Inchakkadu Balachandran, Anil Panachooran, Ochira Utharakuttan visited our college for "Ente Malayalam" programme organized by the department.

Dr. Soumya Paul

M.A, B.Ed, NET, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

[email protected]

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