Tourism Club

Tourism Club of Henry Baker College, Melukavu plays a key role in achieving international understanding through cultural exchange. It is the third largest industry in the world. Both the government of India and state government declared tourism as a major industry. Kerala is one of the important tourist destinations in the world.With an intension to improve various skills of our students in tourism sector, a tourism club was formed by the Department of Tourism, Henry Baker College, Melukavu in 2019. The main aim of tourism club is to make the young people aware of tourism as a sustainable development. It also finds out the local tourist destinations to prepare new projects and tries to relate tourism with history and culture.The Club encourages the participation of younger generation in tourism developmental  activities.The proposed programmes of the club include lectures,seminars, tourism quizs, camps, interaction with foreigners and study tours. The major activities include trekking, hiking, cycling ,boating etc.


  • To generate more public attention towards tourism and its developmental efforts.
  • To create an awareness about the role of tourism in the  socio-economic development Tof the state.
  • To give awareness to  the younger and upcoming generation about the relevance of tourism and thereby generate a positive attitude towards tourism.
  • To encourage the travel mentality of the students and thereby promoting national integration and international amity.
  • To Identify/locate potential tourist spots in the district.














Sri. Anish Thanikkal

Assistant Professor on Contract (HOD)


Mr. George Thomas P.V

Assistant Professor on Contract

Assistant Co-ordinator

Tourism Club Activities
The tourism club was inaugurated on 27th June 2019 by Mr. Anish Jose, M. D, Eden Tours & Travels.He interacted with the students on the topic 'Tour Guiding' and the importance of tour guiding'.The talk gave them the information that, it is the task of a tour guide to entertain the visitors to their region and help them to interpret the sights that they are visiting. Through tour guiding, the guide helps the tourists to have a positive experience and take care of their guest as good as they can.
Commemoration of S.K. Pottekkad
The tourism club commemorated  S.K Pottekkad, the renowned traveller and pioneer of travelogues on 6th August 2019. For most travellers, there is that one defining journey which sows the seeds of wanderlust - a journey from which you never return completely. The Head of the department, Mr.Anish Thanikkal delivered a talk about S K Pottekkad. The students organised a presentation about S K Pottekkad as a traveller.
Keralapiravi Celebrations
Tourism club celebrated Keralapiravi on November 1st 2019. The College Principal Dr. Gireesh Kumar G. S inaugurated the function and delivered a speech on Keralapiravi. Nodal Officer Prof. Justin Jose, HOD Mr. Anish Thanikkal, Mrs. Aneetta Elizabeth Manuel, Mr. Joshy Sam Johnson and Miss. Renimol Simon addressed the gathering. Kerala being tagged as God's Own Country gives an added advantage to the Keralapiravi celebrations.
National Tourism Day Celebration
  National Tourism Day was celebrated by the Tourism Club on 24th January 2020. Mr.Anish Thanikkal (HOD) and other faculty members delivered a short message on Indian Tourism. It's purpose is to foster awareness among the international community and the importance of tourism and it's social, cultural, political and economic value. The theme of 2019 tourism celebrations was ' Tourism and Jobs : a better future for all'. Tourism can help us build a better future for everyone.

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