Core Values


  • Excellence – Committed to pursue excellence in the total quality of the institution, providing necessary skills and competencies in managing and administering HBC’s staff and also academic excellence in teaching, research and service to meet the needs of all other stakeholders such as students, employers, employees, community, and the citizens of India.
  • Ethics – Integrity in conduct and performance and it extends to staff, students, researchers and all other stakeholders including the general public. 
  • Diversity – Academic excellence in equality of opportunity promoting inclusive culture, and encouraging under-represented and underprivileged groups and thereby value diversity.
  • Inclusiveness – Designing policies, strategies, processes and actions that contribute to ensuring the success of all the students.
  • Growth – Keep a balance between learning and employment opportunities.
  • Social Concern – employer engagement in the course content and skill development, and provide ample opportunities for interdisciplinary learning so as to meet social needs and address social problems and issues.


  • It is the responsibility and ultimate objective of teachers to ensure excellence in teaching, research and service to meet the needs of all our stakeholders such as students, employers, staff, community, and the citizens of India.
  • Teachers shall equip students with sound knowledge and skill.
  • Teachers shall offer educational programs with a plethora of innovative concepts, for creating a host of talented students.
  • Teachers should encourage an open student-oriented culture with an understanding of students, their needs, goals and aspirations.
  • Teachers shall develop exceptional opportunities for study and research and a system of industry-institution interaction, through industry-liaison cells for students to contribute to our Nation’s economic growth.
  • Teachers shall evolve a friendly face of education with emphasis laid on their respective areas such as science, arts, commerce, literature and research.
  • Teachers shall develop leadership skills characterized by openness, fairness and firmness
  • Teachers shall foster respect for all people and appreciation of diversity in our academic enterprise.
  • Teachers shall promote civic responsibility expressed as public involvement, individual responsibility, personal integrity and commitment to service.
  • Teachers should ensure accountability and proper assessment at all levels in the institute.

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