Attendance & Management System

Attendance management system software for educational institutions that maintain the attendance of students at different categories- day wise, subject wise and class wise and generates the complete report, which qualifies them to appear in the examinations. Reduce paper work and save time with mobile and cloud based attendance management system. This is also available to students, so which they can view the marked attendance.  It contains three Login modules: Teachers Login, Students Login and Admin Login. Online Student Attendance Management System available in Desktop and Mobile Versions (Henry Baker College, Melukavu ( Android apk).
This system eliminate duplicate data entry and errors in time and attendance entries. The users of
this system are;

  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Admin

Admin Activity

  • Admin can Add, Update, Delete Master Data
  • Admin has rights to add new teacher account, edit teacher details, and remove teacher account
  • Admin can assign grade to teacher, so teacher can view his or her student and take attendance ofthat student only.
  • Admin can Add new student, edit existing student and delete student data. Student grade alsoassign by admin only.
  • Admin can view all student attendance records .
  • Admin can make Excel Sheet report of any student attendance record
  • Admin can view all student overall attendance details in percentage form.

Teacher Activity

  • Teacher can view his or her student list.
  • Teacher can mark attendance of his or her grade student.
  • Teacher can view his or her student attendance details
  • Student Activity
  • Student can View the Marked Attendance in day wise

Teachers Login

1. Login page: Teachers can Login his or her account using their Username and Password. URL for this window is:

2. Teacher can mark attendance of his or her grade student using this window. In this Mark Attendance Page teacher can select Division/Combined Class, Semester and Class Hour. Then click Proceed button, Next mark attendance Page will appear.

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