HBC actively participates in the higher education information gathering process of All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) under MHRD since 2010-11 academic year and forms part of nation building. HBC uploads data online on several parameters in the prescribed template provided in the portal of AISHE such as number of teachers,student enrolment, programmes, examination results, education, finance, infrastructure,facilities/amenities provided to the students, staff, stakeholders, etc.; department wise,gender wise and community wise enrolment of students for different courses, total number of courses provided on the campus, department wise and community wise division of teaching and non-teaching staff of the institution and AISHE uses this data for the calculation of Institution Density, Gross Enrolment Ratio, Pupil-teacher ratio,Gender Parity Index, Per Student Expenditure, etc. of higher education institutions inIndia and to advise Govt. of India for taking higher education policy.

    Each institution is allotted a code known as AISHE code, There are about 50000 Institutes of Higher Education in India, out of this about 800 are universities, 12,000 are professional institutes and remaining academic colleges and institutes.In survey, Data is collected about details of Institute, Students enrolled, no. and details of teachers, infrastructure available, scholarship, loans and accreditation etc.

Sri. Jenipher Carlos Hosanna

Assistant Professor (HOD)


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