Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. Included in UGC`S 2F & 12B
from darkness into marvellous light from darkness into marvellous light from darkness into marvellous light

Lead kindly light,
amid the encircling gloom,
Lead Thou me on !
The night is dark and
I am far from home,
Lead Thou me on !
Keep Thou my feet;
I do not ask to see
The distance scene;
one step enough for me

History, vision & mission

From Darkness into Marvellous Light

Henry Baker College Melukavu, is a Christian Minority Educational Institution established, owned and administered by C.S.I East Kerala Diocese, registered as Henry Baker Educational Society (Reg.No. K. 1056/99 dtd. 22-9-99). The college is named after Rev. Henry Baker Jr., the pioneering CMS missionary.

The college was founded in 1981, providing two year Pre-Degree course of Kerala University; upgraded in 1991 and became a first grade college in 1999. The college is now included in UGC u/s 2(F) & 12 (B) of the UGC Act.

Special consideration is given to educationally, socially and economically backward SC &ST students in the surrounding villages to prepare them physically, mentally and spiritually, so that they may hold high the beacon of humanity in this turbulent age.

The College is a member of the Association of Colleges and Universities in Anglican Communion (CUAC) and International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE)

The Motto of our college is “FROM DARKNESS INTO MARVELLOUS LIGHT”. The college aims at imparting education by which character is formed, strength of mind increased and the intellect expanded; so that people may be liberated from the darkness of ignorance to the dawn of knowledge.

In order to achieve the established goals, the college visualizes a pattern of education founded on Christian ethical values; for imparting knowledge, inculcating human and social values and equipping one to stand on one’s foot. The college, in a wider perspective, serves as a nodal centre for Social Transformation in realizing the lofty ideals and values of education enshrined in the Constitution of India.
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