SC ST, OBC, Disabled and Minority Discrimination Complaint


The victim is a member of a scheduled caste or a scheduled tribe against whom any of the following offences is committed by the offender:

  • Forced to eat or drink an offensive or uneatable substance;
  • Caused annoyance, injury or insult by any excreta or waste matter being dumped in his premises or neighbourhood;
  • Paraded naked or with painted face or body;
  • Wrongfully deprived of cultivation of his land;
  • Wrongfully deprived of his rights over any land, premises or water;
  • Forced to do beggary or work as a bonded labourer;
  • Prevented from exercising his right to vote or according to his wishes;
  • Subjected to false legal proceedings;
  • Caused injury or annoyance by a public servant on the basis of false information given to him;
  • Deliberately insulted and humiliated in public view;
  • A woman who is sexually assaulted;
  • Deprived of his right to clean drinking water;
  • Deprived of his right of passage to a public place;
  • Forced to leave his house or village;
  • Falsely implicated in a criminal case which might result in his imprisonment or execution;
  • Intended harm or injury by burning a place of his dwelling or worship;
  • Wrongfully caused injury or subjected to any other offence by a public servant

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