Youth Red Cross

Motto “Helping People is Chasing Life”

Youth Red Cross unit is active in Henry Baker College since 1990. From the beginning, YRC unit of the college is working in collaboration with Indian Red Cross Society, Kottayam. HBCYRC is a helping hand to the needy, in and around the college.YRC promotes humanitarian principles and values among students.

Activities of our unit are,

  • Visiting orphanages and old age homes, celebrating Christmas and New year with the aged.
  • Providing clothes and study materials to the needy.
  • Conducting awareness programmes, supporting charitable institutions in fundraising through the sale of stamps.
  • Providing medical aid to students and outsiders.
  • A Rupee Day programme is initiated to raise the funds.

YRC meetings are conducted regularly on alternate Tuesdays. Activities are discussed and decisions are taken in these meetings.First Director of YRC was Prof. Sebastian Joseph, Dept. of English. After his retirement, Dr. Beena Paul took charge of YRC. Dr. Jincy Devasia, HOD, Dept. of Physics is working as co-director.


Regular YRC meetings and activities are conducted with an outcome for providing charity and support to the needy. Creating awareness aong students for taking care of the poor and destitute in and around the vicinity. They are fine tuned to cater the needs of the society.

Objectives of YRC

The main purpose of organizing the Youth Red Cross is

  • To inculcate in the youth of our country
    1. an awareness on the care of their own health and that of others
    2. the understanding and acceptance of civic responsibilities and acting accordingly with humanitarian concern, to fulfil the same.
  • To enable the growth and development of a spirit of service and sense of duty with dedication and devotion in the minds of youth.
  • To foster a better friendly relationship with all without any discrimination

Principles of YRC

Youth Red Cross has the following three principles

  • Protection of health and life.
  • Service to the sick and suffering.
  • Promotion of National and International friendship.

The objectives of Youth Red Cross shall be to train the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross among the zealous youth, so that they may remain imperturbable, unwearying, and unfaltering. And to develop the elements of quiet self-sacrifice when disasters strike humanity. Keeping this in view the YRC shall endeavour as follows:

  • Promotion of potentialities of the Youth to enable them to render skilled philanthropic service toned up by a sense of self-sacrifice, for the mitigation of suffering of the needy and the distressed.
  • Promotion of health, hygiene and sanitation and cognate subjects among the members of the community for prevention of diseases and mitigation of suffering.
  • Promotion of motivations among the youth for fostering friendship and fraternity(the spirit of "Tuttifratelli") at the national and international level.
  • Promotion of qualities of leadership and traits of personality among the youth.
  • Promotion of spirit of self-reliance and dignity of labour among the youth.
  • Promotion of training in various skills to render qualified service to the needy.
  • Promotion of factors which may contribute to the establishment of peace at the national and international level.

Dr. Beena Paul

Associate Professor (HOD)


Dr. Jincy Devasia

Assistant Professor (HOD)


Mr. Jithin Johnson

Student Coordinator


Ms. Dona Joseph

Student Coordinator



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Youth Red Cross Activities
On 5th September 2015, Sailas Mathew, III BA English made a video presentation titled NUANCE. The programme focused on the need for charity works and created a consciousness among the students on the need to care and love others.
On August 22nd 2015, YRC Director, Dr. Beena Paul and 21 members visited Marian Sadan, an old age home at Pala. Students distributed sweets and spent time with aged and sick.
Visit to Santhinilayam
On 24th September 22 YRC members along with director Dr. Beena Paul visited Santhinilayam, an orphanage for mentally retarded boys and girls, at Kollapilly near Pala and distributed clothes which were collected from the college by the students.
Karuthal- Visit to Visrandhi Nilayam
YRC members visited Visrandhi Nilayam on 5/1/2017 to celebrate new year with the inmates of the old age home.
Karuthal – New Year in Visrandhinilayam
  Members of YRC visited Visrandhinilayam, a nearby old age home on 4-1-2018. The purpose was to celebrate New Year along with the inmates of the old age home. 20 YRC volunteers visited the old age home, cut the cake and sang songs for them.
Dress and other provisions collected from the students were handed over to the JRC Director of the MDCMS High school on 30th January 2018.
Awareness Programme on First Aid and Vector Born Diseases
An awareness programme on First Aid and Vector born disease control was conducted on 13-06-2018 at 1.30pm in the college auditorium.
Karuthal -Visit to MDCMS School Boarding & Supply of Dress and Other Provisions.
Youth Red Cross Unit of Henry Baker College visited MDCMS school to supply Study materials like books, pen, pencil, eraser, scale, box and blankets and soaps.
A Rupee a Day Programme and Welcome to First Year Members
Inauguration of ‘A Rupee a Day’ Programme and welcome to 1st year students were held in the seminar hall on 18-9-18 at 1.10 pm
Visit to Visrandhi Nilayam
On 17/12/18, Dr. Beena Paul, Dr. Jincy Devasiya and 12 students visited Visrandhinilayam, an old age home near the college.