Governing Body

The governance of the College is anchored by Henry Baker Educational Society of the C.S.I East Kerala Diocese. Bishop Rt. Rev. V S Francis is the present Manager of the College.  Under the effective leadership of the Manager, the institution is governed by  the College Governing Body consisting  of 8 vibrant members including the Principal and Bursar of the College.The Governing Body meets regularly to make decisions in tune with the timely needs of the institution. It designs and develops quality policies and plans to comply with the guidelines issued by the University and Government from time to time for the smooth functioning of the institution. It also develops the action plans of the institution through need analysis.

Rt. Rev. V.S. Francis

Bishop, CSI East Kerala Diocese

Rev. P.C. Mathewkutty

Treasurer, CSI East Kerala Diocese

Dr. Josemon George

Lay Secretary, CSI East Kerala Diocese

Dr. Gireesh Kumar G.S


Rev. Biju Joseph


Adv. Mathew Joseph

Registar, CSI East Kerala Diocese

Rev. T.J. Bijoy


Mr. A.V. Samuel


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