Research Policy


Henry Baker College focuses on promoting Research Culture by complementing it with teaching – learning in which freedom of inquiry, thought, expression and publication are given the fullest protection.

Research Policy of the College

The Research policy document presents broad principles that guide the research activities upholding the integrity of scholarly inquiry that helps the faculty and students in achieving excellence and contributing to the societal development.

Aims and Objectives

The research policy aims to create and support a research culture among its staff and students and leverage it for enriching and enhancing the professional competence by:

  • Developing and promoting scientific temper and research aptitudes of all learners
  • Realising the vision and mission of the college and facilitating their participation in research and related activities
  • Providing the required resources and appropriate facilities for smooth conduct of Research
  • Strengthen the institutional capacity for planning, budgeting and control all the research activities of the college
  • Fostering socially relevant research and promote multidisciplinary research
  • Developing rules, procedures and guidelines for granting research support, instituting awards, and supporting all other research related activities
  • Guiding faculty members in the effective integration of research projects with the regular curriculum implementation and enrichment activities
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research and establish modalities for preparing and undertaking joint research projects covering more than one knowledge domain as well as policies for involving external agencies/experts in such projects
  • Identifying, collaborating and establishing linkages including MOUs with National/International/Govt/ Non-Govt/ Industry/ Research organizations and Local agencies to benefit from the activities and programmes conducted by those organisations for widening the scope of the research opportunities, obtaining sponsorships and funding options available.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the publication of the research work/projects in reputed academic journal
  • Serving as a facilitator to provide professional guidance, technical support and recommendation for financial assistance
  • To create awareness about patents and intellectual property rights and assists them in applying.
  • Compiling data on all the research work/projects undertaken by the teachers and students in to a database for easy monitoring and analysis of the progress being made by them from year to year.
  • Drawing and adopting a research code, which informs all researchers about the ethical and legal norms and principles to be followed in the conduct of research
  • Preparing and implement a research quality assurance mechanism for ensuring that all research activities of the college conform to standard quality specifications

Scope of the Research Policy

This policy shall apply to all the researchers of the college and for the purpose of this policy 'researchers' are defined to include

  • All staff, temporary and permanent, who are active in teaching and research in the college;
  • All students registered with the college;
  • All mentors, guides, external experts associated with any of the research activities of the college;

This policy shall apply to all the research and related activities of the college and for the purpose of this policy research and related activities will include

  • Research activities including basic and applied research undertaken for fulfilling the requirements of academic degrees
  • Scholarly activities intended to expand knowledge boundaries by analysis, synthesis and interpretation of ideas and information by making use of rigorous methodologies
  • Knowledge compilation for academic developments in any knowledge domain such as writing of textbooks, chapters of textbooks or developing/updating  curriculum, etc.
  • Research projects of students undertaken as part of the curriculum or for enriching it.
  • Publications and presentations on research related topics.

Quality Assurance in Research

Quality Assurance in Research (QAR) comprises all the techniques, systems and resources that are deployed to give assurance about the care and control with which research has been conducted. QAR is typically concerned with:

  • The responsibilities of those involved in the research
  • Transparent project planning
  • Training and competence of research staff
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Documentation of procedures and methods
  • Research records
  • Handling of samples and materials
  • To develop, prescribe and administer rules and procedures to ensure the compliance of all researchers to the research quality assurance framework, the research code and all the applicable rules and regulations.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is headed by the Principal, an external research guide and all faculties of HBC having research guideship. The Committee promotes and monitors the research activities and advocates high standard of responsibility for ethical conduct of research, in all aspects.

Research Promotion Cell

Research Promotion Cell  consisting of all faculty members  having  doctoral degree and two postgraduate students.  The cell  promotes and monitor the research activities and advocates high standard of responsibility for ethical conduct from the faculty engaged in research, in all aspects of their research activity is formed for verifying the originality of research publications/projects through plagiarism check and suggestions are given accordingly. Every conference conducted by the institution consists of this committee where the said procedures are followed and staff/students are encouraged to publish papers in UGC approved journals/Web of Science/Scopus indexed etc.

Research Policy Implementation Mechanism

The Research Committee of the college shall be responsible for implementing the research policy of the college by working closely with the college management. The specific roles and functions of the research cell will be as follows:

  • Facilitate the faculty in undertaking research and will work with the college management to set up a research fund for providing seed money.
  • Provide research facilities in terms of laboratory equipment, research journals and research incentives etc. required by the faculty.
  • Encourage and promote a research culture (eg. teaching work load remission, opportunities for attending conferences etc.).
  • Encourage the faculty to undertake research by collaborating with other research organisations/ industry.
  • Organise workshops/ training programmes/ sensitisation programmes to promote a research culture on campus.
  • Prepare budgets for facilitating staff/students’ research projects.
  • Approach National and international organisations to fund major and minor research projects undertaken by the faculty / students
  • Make efforts to improve the availability of research infrastructure requirements to facilitate research.
  • Develop and implement an official Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in research.
  • Facilitate Interdepartmental / interdisciplinary research projects.
  • Institute research awards.
  • Create incentives for the faculty who receive state, national and international recognition for research contributions as well as research awards and recognition from reputed professional bodies and agencies.
  • Encourage and promote the publication of research articles by the faculty in reputed/ refereed journals.
  • Create and maintain a database of research work and research projects undertaken by the faculty and students.
  • Prepare Guidelines for design and evaluation of curriculum oriented research projects.

Research Facilities Available

Research Facilities: The Research Facilities provided by the institution are constantly updated and upgraded to foster and promote Research Culture in the campus.

The institution offers the following research facilities for the Faculty/Student Researchers:

  • Apart from extending assistance as a facilitator in sourcing funds from national/international/govt/non-govt/local agencies, the Management also provides seed money for the Research Projects: Doctoral, Major or Minor - processed by the research committee and the principal
  • The management provides an environment conducive to research by providing suitable infrastructural facilities such as space, State-of -the art Library as knowledge resource centre, Lab facilities with an access to INFLIBNET, DELNET, SPSS software, professional guidance and recommendation for financial assistance from National/International/Govt/ Non-Govt/ Industry and Local agencies
  • Organizes faculty development programmes, conferences, workshops on Research Methodology to promote research culture
  • To promote Major and Minor Research projects
  • To incentivise the faculty for paper publications in Journals of National/international repute
  • To grant Sabbatical leaves, study leaves, seed money, flexi timings, ODI, reduction in workload for the faculty pursuing research
  • To incentivize faculty on receiving national and international recognition or awards
  • To create an ecosystem for innovations including Incubation centre and other initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge
  • Participation in National/ International conferences, paper presentations and publications will come under the purview of Research policy
  • The following programmes and activities are also under the scope of research promotion envisaged in the Research policy
    • Enhancement of qualification
    • Participation in orientation programmes, Refresher courses
    • Participation in National/ International conferences, seminars, paper presentations and publications
    • International exchange programmes under MOUs
    • Include research methodology as a course of study course for students in the curriculum to carry out the project work successfully.
    • Arrange Guest lectures for students prior to project work on project guidelines
    • Plan the project schedule, allot a guide and monitor the student's projects(final year students)
    • Guidance and financial assistance for students to present and publish articles in National/International Conferences/Seminars
    • To create an awareness on ethical and legal issues pertaining to plagiarism.

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