Covid Cell

Sanitizer Making
With the scarcity of hand sanitizers becoming a challenge in fighting Covid-19, many educational institution in the city has started making sanitizers on their own for use with in the campus, Henry Baker College had also distributed sanitizers on 20th march 2020 to public.  Using ethanol or isopropanol in their laboratories institutes have taken the initiative after the state health department launched break the chain campaign envisages promotion of hygiene habits and mandatory hand-washing at public places, offices and institutions.With the scarcity of hand sanitizers becoming a challeng
Face Mask Preparation
Provided an online tutorial of sewing face masks by our student Snehamol James, which was published on 17th April 2020. The making of the mask was effective and it can be easily made, reusable and washable. The video holds a viewership of 303 views on Youtube. The link to the video is  
Virtual Interview with Dr. Anna Cherian
Organised a Virtual Interview with Dr. Anna Cherian, Andhra Pradesh on 4thApril 2020 by using Zoom Cloud Application. The interviewer AshmithaIssac of Second B.Com collected information’s from the Doctor and explored more about the symptoms and precautions about this deadly disease. It holds a viewership of 574 views on YouTube. The link to the video is  
Virtual Short Film
Under the guidance of Covid Cell, Eight students from various Departments of our College made a Virtual Short Film ‘Sargadhwani’ on 24th April 2020. This short film provided valuable and creative suggestions for Students and Teachers to engage in various activities during Lockdown Period. It holds a viewership of more than 1K views on YouTube. The link to the video is
Creative Challenge Competition ‘Athijeevanam’
Scheduled an Online Competition ‘Athijeevanam’, where Students, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staffs actively participated on different challenges given. The competition explored the creative talents of participants on Writing, Drawing, Painting, Cooking and other skills. The programme was successful with 64 entries and the result was publishedthrough Online by the Principal.
Online Quiz Competition
Covid Cell Conducted an Online Quiz Competition on 10th May 2020, for creating awareness and prevention of COVID-19. About 568 participants attemptedin competition and received vast participation across the country and abroad.The online quiz had no registration fee. Alink was given to participate in this knowledgeable event and E-certificate was issued to the winners on their email.
Sanitizer Distribution
The teachers of Henry Baker College have gone one step ahead distributed sanitizers in bulk quantity to Edamaruku CHC on 17th March 2020, CMS H.S.S Melukavu and Police Station Melukavu on 23rd May 2020.