Communication & Personality Skills for Tourism

Communication & Personality Skills for Tourism


To make the students aware of the fundamental concepts of business communication and assist the students in developing appropriate and impressive communication skill in tourism industry.

Module I : (8 Hours)


  • Meaning, Role
  • Functions
  • Importance and Essentials of communication in Business Organizations
  • Process of Business Communication
  • Communication Models, Barriers to effective communication.

Module II : (6Hours)

Classification of communication Formal and Informal

  • personal
  • Inter-personal
  • Group & Mass
  • Vertical & Horizontal
  • Upward & Downward
  • One-way & Two-way
  • Verbal &Non-verbal

Module III : (7Hours)

Telecommunication Skills

  • Communication over Telephone for reminder/ follow up of events
  • Telephone Handling Skills
  • Complaint Management
  • Resume writing and facing interviews
  • Report Writing

Module IV : (9 Hours)

Personality and Body Language:

  • Definition
  • Types
  • Characteristics of personality
  • Importance of Dressing and Etiquettes in Business Communication
  • Fiscal Expression
  • Eye Contact
  • Posture
  • Dress
  • Attitude.

Suggested Readings:

  • Kaul, Asha (2006), Business Communication, Prentice Hall.
  • Sharma R.0 & Mohan Krishna: Business Correspondence and Report Writing, Mcgraw Hill.
  • Taylor, Shieley (2003) Communication for Business, Pearson Education
  • Communication: Making connections (7th edition) William J. Seiler, Addison Wesley.
  • Chaturvedi P.D, Business Communication: Concepts Cases and Applications. Pearson Education.

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