Young Innovators Program

Young Innovators Program

Young Innovators Programme is a specially designed programme under the Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC). The programme aims to empower future innovators to innovate new products, services or models to meet emerging requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs of the society more effectively through an innovative challenge.

YIP 2020

YIP 2020 is structured around a philosophy of situated cognition and design-based learning and is envisioned to be a massive, open, inclusive, collaborative, institution-based program aimed at identifying and nurturing young innovators. Diversity and Inclusion are proven drivers of Innovation – enabling out-of-the-box thinking and bringing together multiple perspectives and skills. Collaboration is also key to driving Innovation, and YIP Challenge 2020 will try and encourage collaboration amongst the innovators through team or group-based participation.


Soumya Paul

Department of Malayalam
Assistant Professor

Shinu Thomas P

Department of Commerce

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YIP 2020

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