Tourism Club

Tourism Club

Tourism in Kerala is going through a significant phase of growth and development. The prime aim of the Tourism Club is to encourage the participation of younger generation in tourism developmental  activities . The proposed programmes of the club includes lectures, seminars, tourism quizzes, camps, interaction with foreigners  and study tours. The major activities include trekking, hiking, cycling ,boating etc.


  • Generate more public attention towards tourism and its developmental efforts.
  • Create an awareness about the role of tourism in the  socio-economic development  of the state.
  • Aware  the younger and upcoming generation about the relevance of tourism in their career and thereby generate a positive attitude towards tourism.
  • Encourage the  travel mentality of the students and thereby promote national integration and international amity.
  • Identify/locate potential tourist spots in the district

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Anish Thannickal

Department of Tourism
Assistant Professor on contract

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