Rev. Henry Baker Jr.
The Apostle of Hills.

From Darkness into Marvellous Light

“Lead kindly light amid the encircling gloom, lead Thou me on,
The night is dark and I am far from home, lead Thou me on,
Keep Thou my feet , I do not ask to see,
The distant scen , one step enough for me.”


NAAC – College Committee.

The NAAC institutional office co ordinates the processes for NAAC accreditation of the college.

IQAC plans and coordinates the quality initiatives in the campus.

Patron Bishop Rt.Rev.Dr.K.G.Daniel, Manager

Chairman Dr. Aneyamma Varghese, Principal

Coordinator Asso.Prof. Renjit Sebastian

IQAC – Convener : Asso.Prof. Korah Jacob

Experts : Sri.Jose K. Mani (Member of Parliament)

: Dr.P.S. Enos (IAS Rtd)

Senior Teachers : Asso.Prof. Dr. Antony Joseph

: Asso.Prof.Dr. Beena Paul

:Asso.Prof.. Anie George

: Asso.Prof.Dr.K.Jeevan Kumar

: Asso.Prof. V.J. Disha

: Assi.Prof. Dr. Santo Jose

: Assi.Prof. Ansa Andrews

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