HBC Radio

HBC Radio

” Radio is the most intimate and socially personal medium in the world ” – Harry Von Zell
FM Radio is the best platform for student’s promotional exposure and it reflects the vibe of the campus. It carries a variety of programs like sports, arts, games, achievements of students, interviews of eminent personalities, commemorates and remember the specialities of each day, national and local news etc… All the programmes are filled with information, entertainment, fun, music and the vibes of our campus. We enjoy and learn to enjoy things through the voice of our FM radio during our lunchtime in college. It is operated by students under the supervision of faculty.


  • Create awareness about the current lifestyle and culture of our changing society.
  • Uplift the appreciation level of youngsters.
  • Encourage and support the students by providing an opportunity to exhibit their talents and by sharing their brightened achievements through FM.
  • Give a thought for the day and modify their thoughts.
  • Overall it is a theatre of the mind.

HBC Radio


Soumya Paul

Department of Malayalam
Assistant Professor

Jithin Thomas Abraham

Department of Physical Education
Assistant Professor on contract

Team Radio

Student Co-ordinator

  • Jithin johnson


  • Sajid Subair
  • Aslam Rasheed

Radio Jockey

  • Jewelrani Somi
  • Jinu Anna Koshy
  • Nithyamol Mathews
  • Amina Kabeer
  • Ashly Mathew
  • Poornima Dileep
  • Karthika Sunil
  • Jyothika Johny