Fine Arts & Craft Club

Fine Arts & Craft Club

The objective of our Fine Arts and Crafts Club is to fine-tune the exercise of thought of our students and thereby implement the most sublime mission of the man – Finesse, and thus valuing the aesthetics and beauty around us. As the child matures into an adult college going student, the practice and passion of this finesse art may fade away in the midst of grueling academic stress, competition, and parental demands. Art gives our students a chance to find themselves according to their imagination and makes them – a feel-good status. With this spirit, our HBC’s Fine Arts and Crafts Club welcome our students on a creative journey. At the end of every year, an exhibition of the works done by the members of the club is organized. Our activities include:

  • Painting.
  • Drawing.
  • 3D Art and Sculpture.
  • Collage.
  • Clay and Playdough.
  • Stained Glass and Suncatcher Crafts.
  • Antiques
  • Digital Art & Photography


Jenipher Carlos Hossanna

Department of Commerce
Assistant Professor


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