Department of Economics

The Department of Economics has been functioning since the inception of the college. Economics is taught as a complementary course of B.A History for 1st, 2nd, semester. Department conducts various students friendly programs along with the History department.

Head of the Department


Korah Jacob

Associate Professor

Latest News

B.Com Model – I Co-operation

No. of seats: 32     Course Stream: UG

Program Outcome     Curriculum

B.Com Model – II Computer Applications

No. of seats: 50     Course Stream: UG

Program Outcome     Curriculum

M.Com Finance

No. of seats: 15     Course Stream: PG

Program Outcome     Curriculum

Fundamentals of Accounting

No. of Seat: 16     Course Stream: Open Course

Certificate Program

No. of Seat: 70     Course Stream: Certificate Course

Latest News

Break the Chain Campaign4

COVID-19 being a severe threat to mankind, Department of Physics, Henry Bake…

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